Throughout the year we hold a number of fund-raising events. These are either for a range of Christian charities or in order to help us support the on-going developments within our church.


We hold a Gift Day in July for All Saints Church. Envelopes are distributed with parish magazine for those who would like to make a monetary gift.

We also hold Spring and Autumn Sales, which provide helpful contributions to our funds.


We support Christian Aid by taking part in their annual collection.


Donations to The Children's Society, are made following events such as our Christingle service and Christmas carol singing led by the village choir.


Both Church and Chapel run an envelope scheme, which is Gift Aided.


Collections made at funeral services are donated to charity selected by the family.


Maintenance of the churchyard is a major expense and to help with that we run a “Sponsor a week” scheme. £20 pays for one week’s maintenance. If you would like to help maintain our churchyard please contact us.