Village Design Statement

Design Statement Steering Group

Chair/Spokesperson:    Robin Poskitt

Secretary:                     Hazel Stringer

Members:    Martin Moody

Ray Tattersall

Jim Wildash

Sue Price


Supporting Documents

Assessment under Habitat Regulations

Sustainability Report

Posted 17 July 2009

The latest version of the Village Design Statement has passed through Selby District Council’s P& R committee so today is the start of the consultation period.  If you would like to borrow a hard copy of the document to read and digest, then please make contact on above e-mail or telephone 268268. If you have any comments to make then now is the time to put forward your thoughts and ideas (Response forms available). There will be an open day  in the Chapel Room on 31st July 2009 from 2-8pm. This is YOUR opportunity to engage with committee members have your say.

Posted 29 Sept 2009

The VDS Document has now passed the consultation stage. It is currently being graphically re designed to enhance its appearance and bring both the VDS and Parish Plan together in continuity of purpose. The Parish Council have kindly supported the committees thoughts that every household will have a printed copy. The document will be going forward for final approval at the SDC P&R Committee, Once that is accepted then it is part of the Local Development Framework and therefore part of planning procedure. Hopefully then developers will no longer spoil our community.

   Posted 3 December 2009

The Village Design Statement is now part of the Local Development Framework for Selby, which makes it part of the planning process. Developers have now to show that they have taken account of the V.D.S. content when proposing new development in the area.

Although adopted on the 1st December 2009 there is a six week period when any legal document can be challenged in the high court, for this reason the VDS Committee are waiting until this time has expired before going to print. With your Parish Councils support each household will receive a copy of the VDS which should sit quite comfortable along side the recent Wistow Parish Plan.




Posted 7 June 2010

Everyone in the village should by now have their own VDS document, If you haven’t then get in touch with the webmaster and one will be delivered to your door. For those residents who have taken the time to congratulate and praise the VDS committee on the work they have done; I thank you, it was a long slog but we got the document that the village deserved. One query that has been asked for clarification is what is gravel board. Gravel boarding is rough sawn timber, this is then fixed together to form a barrier, fence or even cladding, something the VDS would discourage the use of.

   Posted 1st February 2010

To keep everyone informed we are now told that the High Court objection period for the Design Statement Document is three months. For that reason we cannot go to print until the 1st March 2010. The committee are currently proof reading the print draft so they are ready for print as soon as the deadline passes.

The Committee along with the Parish Council’s support will go to print after the 1st March deadline and distribute into the community later in March 2010.

   Posted 30 April 2010

We are now at the conclusion of the process. The VDS became part of the planning process in Dec 2009, we then waited three months for any high court action. Finally we went to print and we now have it back and are ready for distribution. Printing is not cheap, so this was only made possible by the continued support of your local Parish Council and other contributors for which the committee are very grateful.

If you are a resident of Wistow, you should receive your own full colour copy of the document at beginning of May. Its yours to keep alongside the Parish Plan. Due to the costs, if you don’t want to keep it DON’T THROW IT AWAY, just give us a call on 268268 and we will collect for re-use to new residents.

If, having read the document you have any thoughts and/or queries! then we are hoping to have an open meeting towards the end of June in Jubilee Hall for interested parties to attend and communicate with the committee.

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