800-900 AD the area; like many others, was overrun by the Danish, and it was these new settlers that gave the area its name. Originally Wykestow (The place of wet situation) the name became shortened over time to Wistow.  1216 AD shows the first documented evidence of a cleric being present, with the Archbishop Gray of York giving a prebend to Wistow.  Wistow being a Peculiar (a church or parish exempt from jurisdiction of the Bishop with subject to another authority, probably the Dean and Chapter of York)  when one considers that the authority of the Archbishops and Bishops of the time was very great, almost equal to that of a King, the facts would indicate that the church of Wistow was of a sufficiently important one to be freed from the Archbishops jurisdiction.

Records show a chapel in the area in 1474 but this was for an appeal to carry out repairs. Clearly these were not undertaken as in 1484 records state “the chapel is now in ruins” The chapel probably stood were the chancel is today in All Saints church in its present form. Many curious features adorn the present church and may be due to the use of reclaimed stone from the old chapel.

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