All Saints Church Wistow is a Grade I listed building, representing a unique and irreplaceable part of Wistow’s historic heritage. The present limestone church dates from 1213.

Throughout the centuries the church has stood in the very heart of the village community. Today it is used not only as a place of worship but by groups and organisations as a venue to meet and enjoy village activities. The local school, the play group, Rainbows all use the church, concerts are put on and refreshments are served after events and special services, it is also used as a focal point for the annual Scarecrow Festival and the tri-annual Flower Festival and Open Gardens, it is in fact a very well used building for a whole raft of different village events.

Work is now needed to the fabric of the building. The superb Medieval and Victorian stained glass needs to be taken out, inspected and cleaned. The stonework around the outside of the windows needs to be made safe and in some instances replaced. Once the stained glass has been returned grills will be fitted in order to protect it from damage. Lead stolen from the roof recently requires replacing and the insurance will not cover the full cost of this work.

The James Conacher organ; Noted as one of his better organs, requires full refurbishment as the bellows still have the original leather from 130 yeas ago, and are now showing their age. A damp problem behind the organ would also be rectified during the full dismantlement.

The York stone in the porch is decaying to such as extent that the arch stones will need to be replaced. The old electric heating boiler is to be replaced with modern more efficient oil fired boiler. Some pipe work and radiators to be replaced and/or added. All this to bring the temperature to a community friendly acceptable level. The whole of this necessary work will cost £100,000.

TOTAL AT PRESENT: £113,198.60

Lottery win for community

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Created and Supported by The Yorkshire Motor Car Company Limited © 2008

Created and Supported by The Yorkshire Motor Car Company Limited © 2008

Launched 5th March 2011


Jeremy Buxton

Far Reaching Support for Our Church

This just shows how far our campaign has reached. We received a payment of £50 over the Internet recently from a Ken and Linda Barnes of Northville, Michigan.

I can reveal that Alison Crowson is the connection. The community is poorer for the sad loss of Alison, but husband Howard’s Aunt and Uncle donated in her memory. Alison herself contributed so much to this community.  

My name is Ziggy

I did a sponsored walk in aid of the Heritage Appeal. I had no idea how much I would raise but everyone was so kind. In total I raised £455.25. I will walk in to the pets service at All Saints church with a bit of a swagger now.

If I can do it; so can you, think of something! AND do it, any money raised or an event will help the appeal.

Thank you to everyone who helped me.