Flooding and the Flood Bank

The Environment Agency are responsible for the Barrier Bank and River Banks in Wistow Lordship. Between the Barrier Bank and River Banks is classed as an overflow reservoir. The River Banks are inspected once a year, but the Barrier Bank has more tests imposed upon it and is therefore inspected twice a year.

Contact Information:  Here


Drainage Dykes

Most of the dykes in and around Wistow and Wistow Lordship are the responsibility of Selby Drainage Board.

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Sewage Plant (Carr Lane)

Both Yorkshire Water and the Environment Agency have responsibilities for this part of Wistow’s drainage system.

Contact Information:  Yorkshire Water: Here          Environment Agency: Here

If you have any problems at all with any of the above then get in touch with the relevant Agencies through the contact information provided. If you have difficulties then contact the webmaster as we do have some other local numbers.

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