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Posted 19th November 2008

The Parish Plan enters its final stages. There will be an open meeting January 14th 2009 starting at 7:30pm. This meeting will bring to you the villagers of Wistow the draft Parish Plan Document. A consultation period will take place where you have chance to comment on the final document before it goes to print.

Also the meeting will start and put all the items identified in the questionnaire into practice, but that will only happen if you support the plans with names  in numbers. Clearly if keep fit only gets one name then it won’t happen. You get, what you want to support, its as simple as that.

Support the meeting and make the Parish Plan work for you and the community

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Parish Plan

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Posted 3 March 2009

The document is now very close to completion. Latest version is available on this site at the above link. Again please be patient it is a large file. The latest version includes the Action Plan and who is responsible for what. All the activities that have sufficient numbers interested are now been started, so if you put your name down for anything then expect a phone call to start the ball rolling. Quotes are being obtained for the final print cost, before final proofing and going to print.

Posted 16th July 2009

Everyone in the village should now have their copy of the Parish Plan. If you haven’t got a copy then send your contact details to the e-mail above and we will get in touch.

The steering group will meet for the final time on 28th July 2009. This meeting will finalise and close the accounts involved, but also ensure the continued monitoring of the Parish Plan. All areas covered in the Parish Plan will be continually checked and addressed for progress and achievability, if further progress needs to be made then a gentle push to the right people will be forthcoming.

Posted 20 January 2009

We are now in the consultation period, So get your copy of the draft Parish Plan Document by downloading it above, Its big, so be patient. The committee are busy drafting the Action Plan and as soon as it is available it will be included in the draft document. If you know someone who would like a draft document but hasn’t got Internet or printing facilities then contact Janet on 268268 and a copy will be provided.

Don’t forget this is as much your document as the committees, so please contact the committee with your comment or input.

Posted 26th January 2009

Wistow residents should get in their February Parish Magazine a leaflet informing people how to join up for the activities requested on the questionnaire results. The activities have yet to start but the steering committee feel everyone should have the opportunity to join in. If you want to join in contact Sheila Bruce on 268371 or Janet Poskitt on 268268. Give them your name and contact details and you can start making things work for you.

Posted 27 April 2009

The document is just about ready for print. Photographs are being finalised copy writing completed and it will go to print. It is hoped that every household will get a copy of the Parish Plan. Delivery could be May/June so watch this space for information. Many more activities are under way, see the news page for details. The Youth4You bus had a very encouraging response with the possibility of more activities available later.

Questionnaire data, resulted in the question being asked about bringing a Gas supply into the village. Click Here for the response letter which included costs. So , could be cost inhibitive.

Posted 12 May 2009

The committee has now completed the document .Apart from minor adjustments to some photographs it is ready for printing. All the official parties involved with the document are complimentary of its content. This document will contribute positively to the community, and already some new activities have commenced


As soon as printing has been completed we have arrangements in place to distribute a copy to each household.  This will take place in July, but watch this space and the Village News for further details.

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